Classic carpets in the hegemony of Damask, shawl patterns and floral motifs continue to be the symbol of showiness and nobility in living spaces.
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Oriental Different carpets as a model is finding a place for itself in the field of life.Prove is the choice of those who want to add excitement to your home decor. Possesses remarkable details thanks to the decoration of the carpet have been the choice of those who wish to be at the forefront. Floral, border, medallion and motifs are used. You won't find models that no other carpet in the model, you will add energy to your living spaces with. What Are The Characteristics Of Oriental Carpets Models? Oriental carpet models you won't find hard and dark colours. More pastel colors are preferred. In addition, the color transitions are extremely soft. Especially the classic and retro patterns are used in oriental rugs. Oriental carpet patterns you can use in many places. Avant-garde salon carpet as are the qualities you will be amazed. In addition, the fabric of history, time, rhythm, and won't ever go out of style, featuring touches, this neutral rug models for everyone to admire, he will get sided with the decor of your home. Machine made carpets produced of these models fringed carpet or other versions there are. At the same time, 100% acrylic yarn is produced from a sensual versions there are. Residential or non-residential can be used. A portion of the living area as a decorative rug oriental carpets are transported to. Extremely flashy, impressive and adding a different dimension where it is, with this rug as you can imagine, you can have a home decoration. In addition, many oriental carpets in the model are used in digital printing technology. At the same time, non-slip carpets with a base if you want, you can wash your washing machine safely. Manufactured from polyester yarn carpet oriental models. Carpets with this type of attitude is extremely classic and traditional with a charming and original touches from the past carry into the future. As a result, you are looking for any color, pattern, size features oriental carpets , you can build a happy home with.